How to Use Event Viewer in Windows 10

Remo Optimizer software will scan different places within the registry and discover all the elements that could prove intimidating to the performance of your system. Doing this manually would require several laborious hours and high level of expertise. However, Remo Optimizer will perform this task within a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Intune management extension is the lightweight agent that helps deploy complex apps, PowerShell scripts, and many other services on Windows devices.
  • In the presence of this issue, it will still exist regardless of how many times you restart your computer by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+Del”.
  • When you run the SFC command, it scans the integrity of the system files.

The first step is to ensure that the disk is working properly. To do this, go to the Disk Management option in Control Panel. When you are unable to start the computer and see a disk read error, the boot configuration data store could be corrupt, missing, or incorrectly configured.

You don’t need to clean your registry

Generally, if you ask should you clean your registry, the answer is no. This article has shown you download here what Windows registry is and what cause broken registry items. Besides it also introduces you how to fix broken registry items in 5 ways. You can also fix broken registry items error by using DISM Command. There are many methods to fix broken registry items on Windows 10.

SFC is a mechanism of the Windows File Protection feature. Microsoft has come a long way in providing a well-built and stable operating system. Having corrupt system files isn’t as common as in the early days, like Windows 98, for example, but it can still be an issue. If corrupt files are found during an SFC scan, running a DISM scan will often fix it.

So using Windows 7 64bits will remove the option to use trad. DAQ at all since 32bit drivers do not run on 64bit OS. After the installation restarts your PC and check if concrt140 DLL is fixed.

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This is an example of an instance where the Windows event logs may be of use. Simply navigate to the Event Viewer and you will likely have a starting point for resolving the problem. Open User Manager for Domains, and select Policies, Audit. Select the events you want to audit (e.g., success and failure for logons, file and object access, use of user rights, security policy changes), as Screen 5 shows. If you choose file and object access, you must set the auditing options for the files, using the Security tab of the Properties window for the file, directory, or disk, as Screen 6 shows. You do not have to audit all files and users and then filter the logs.

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Did you know the latest versions of Windows 10 or 11 have a free sandbox featurethat allows you to safely run applications in a protected environment on your PC? Search for Windows Sandbox in the Windows search box to run it. Now copy the file, and then paste it into the Windows Sandbox. You can then run it and see what it does after it’s executed.

5) Click Install (you’re required to register the program before you can install the files – you’ll be prompted when you click Install). If your troubles started over the summer, reinstall the original CRT package, available via Microsoft Download Center. Press Windows + X to open the command prompt and then select the Command Prompt .

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