How to perform Windows 10 disk optimization

Bianca Willis started her copywriting career since 2014. As a tech editor with over 6 years writing experience, she has worked out hundreds of posts on multi-media solutions , hot gadgets and troubleshooting tips. As a gamer, I like to record everything, no matter what I am doing or playing. You don’t know what you will discover in the next screen or what happens next.

Also, you can modify the size, color and shape of your cursor to make it look unique. You’d also love the “Styles” and “Templates” tools that come as part of the software. And you can also use AceThinker to directly upload your recordings to Dropbox, Google Drive, or YouTube.

Check which edition of Windows read more 10/11 you have installed

Windows 11 now features a more detailed health-check app, which can recommend certain tasks to better prolong your PC, regardless of whether it’s a desktop or laptop. Windows 11 has great features, including things like a refreshed Start menu and Widgets. The design has been upgraded to be more fluent and seamless, plus the newest operating system has a big focus on gaming, which is great for PC gamers. More than anything, a Windows 11 download will give you all the most recent updates to make the operating system run as smooth as possible. Device comes with Windows 10 and a free Windows 11 upgrade or may be preloaded with Windows 11. The Windows 11 upgrade will be delivered to qualifying devices late 2021 into 2022.

We’ll be sure to update this guide if that happens. You can use your favorite editing app to access and save it. Once you open the app, press the key and the key together to paste the screenshot into the program. Microsoft Edge has a new feature to take screenshots of webpages. Alternatively, you can use the PrtScn key and the Windows key together to take a screenshot of your active desktop and save that image to the Pictures\Screenshots directory, as shown below.

We get that great videos are a mixed bag of bespoke content alongside stock, and that’s at the heart of our editor experience. Create beautiful videos in no time with our popular and much loved free video editor. Whether you need to save time on uploads, save money on storage, or create an entire video from scratch – if it’s anything to do with video, then Clipchamp is the best place to start. Pull down the notification shade from the top of the screen to view your quick settings options. Tap the Screen Recorder icon and give permission to the device to record the screen .

  • This easy method can help you save time and hassle.
  • If you bought a Windows 10 PC with S mode installed, you may have been surprised by what you couldn’t do.
  • Bandicam is one of the most popular screen recording and editing software out there.
  • Select option – Administrative Tools and locate the ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives’ menu.

We recommend you use OBS studio as it is free and quite easy to use with a plethora of customization options. The clip will now be recorded and stored in the following directory by default. A widget should appear in the top right corner signifying that the recording has begun.

How To Upgrade Windows 11 Pro to Enterprise Easily

In one sitting, teachers can record themselves, the computer screen, and a voiceover to make an engaging lesson. Students have the flexibility to pause, rewind, and skip sections to learn at their pace. Many people don’t know about this, but in Windows 10 we have Gaming options in the settings. This can be accessed by going to the Settings from the Start menu, which has a gaming section.

Wait for the installing process to complete, the computer will restart automatically. The software will empty your USB drive data if it’s a used one. Once the downloading process begins, wait there until it finished or leave for a while to do you own job.

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