Windows 11 Vs Windows 10: What You Get When You Upgrade

Click on the blue “Check Now” button tool to verify your PC’s compatibility with Windows 11. But there are a number of steps that should be taken before installing Windows 11, which will be discussed in this article. Pureinfotech is the best site to get Windows help – featuring friendly how-to guides on Windows 10, Windows 11, Xbox, and other things tech, news, deals, reviews, and more. This guide will help you determine whether you should install or skip the Windows 11 upgrade on your computer. Windows 11 doesn’t support CPUs from 2017 and earlier .

  • Windows 11 offers new ways to use the Windows desktop operating system, Teams, and the Microsoft Store as well as advanced IT security protections and encryption.
  • Further, Viva Sales has also entered its preview stage.
  • Windows 10 already includes almost everything the average PC user needs, with three different types of software.
  • Right-click on the OneDrive icon in the Windows system tray, and select Settings from the context menu that opens.

Switching users will lock the current user, so you won’t need to worry about someone else accessing your account. To do this, select the current account, then [Link] choose the desired user from the drop-down menu. You can use this same method to switch back to the other user. If you don’t see any security questions, you are out of luck. You either didn’t set them up or your computer is running an earlier version of Windows 10.


No matter what, we recommend waiting to upgrade to Windows 11 until the applications you use have official support. And if you are thinking about upgrading to Windows 11 anyway, we would heavily caution you against doing so at this time. In most cases, we saw worse performance in Windows 11, sometimes very minor, sometimes significant. As is typical with an OS launch, there will be many performance improvements and bug fixes coming from both Microsoft and the software developers in the coming weeks and months. You might consider upgrading to Windows 11 if you have a new system installed with Windows 10 but the system supports the requirements of Windows 11. As Microsoft has designed Windows 11 for newer systems, not upgrading may lead to performance issues and bugs.

If your phone has Google Assistant or Bixby , use a voice command to ask the voice assistant to take a screenshot for you. For Samsung devices with the S Pen stylus, take a screen grab from the Air Command menu by tapping Screen Write, and then write on or crop the image. Xbox Cloud Gaming is our technology that allows you to play over 100 console games on the devices you already have with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and a compatible controller. Start a game on your console and keep playing it across supported mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

Windows 11: What you should know before upgrading (or not)

Scroll down to the Other Users section, then choose Add someone else to this PC. Note that drivers download you must be signed in as an Administrator to add a new user. Next, choose Add a user without a Microsoft account. Navigate to the Services tab and ensure that all Xbox services are marked. Press the Windows + R keys to open Enter “msconfig” in the text box and hit the OK button.

These have been implemented across the UI, and I have to say, I quite like it. Microsoft is clearly taking some inspiration from Android and macOS with respect to design. This can also be seen in the Notification Centre which no longer has its own icon. This looks really well done and fits perfectly into the vision of Windows 11. You can add various widgets, and there are 11 options from Microsoft to choose from at launch time. These include Outlook Calendar, Tips, Sports News and Scores, Photos, Entertainment, Traffic Updates, Family Safety, and interestingly enough, Esports as well.

Than you can select what part of the screen you want to take the screenshot. This will copy of a selected part to your clipboard and than you can simply past it in Paint, photoshop or any image app you want. I accidently found a easy way to take screenshot of my screen in windows 10. Confirm that your screenshots are available in the correct location i.e. your desktop, as this will determine whether the screenshot function works or not.

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